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With an intricate eye over details and dedication to exceed and investment expectations, Capital Hills Developments has formidably emerged as a leading real estate company that aims at bringing together comfortable and upscale integrated Investments.

Capital Hills Developments offers an iconic outlook on modern residential and mixed- use projects that provides a safe haven for its business owners and investors offering a unique blend of contemporary architecture, interiors, and relaxed payment options.


" We envisage fostering culture-led real estate developments in Egypt, through nurturing communities from the origin upwards – towards development, creativity, and advancement. "


" We aim at becoming the leading residential and mixed -use choice, renowned for developing with innovative concepts and novel ideas "

// Why choose us ?

Most Of The People Choose Capital Hills Developments


In order to make sure we connect people to their right communities, we make sure we are well akin with our customers.

We develop communities based on our markets and our clients’ needs.

We believe that working with “all heart” can change the world.

We set a high bar and move mountains to exceed expectations.

Message From The Chairman

We stand for excellence and dedication, where we share the same vision of our homeowners, and investors of having  futuristic residential and mixed- use communities. Our credible work in the field of real estate development makes us keep pace with the requirements of change where we, ourselves are in a constant motion to meet our clients'  aspirations.

Throughout history, Egypt has always been a prominent business and trading destination in Africa and The Middle East thanks to its strategic location which allowed easy access to markets worldwide, and international trade agreements.

Currently, the nation is entering an exciting and visionary era towards development, and expanding towards vast lands has accelerated the country’s business success.

As partners in the nation’s economic growth, we have put our hearts, efforts, and extensive expertise into action through developing high end vibrant communities tailored around our clients’ comfort and well-being making each step we take a leap into development.